Message from Pastor

Dear friends,

I have been asking the question, “Why are you a part of St. Mary’s?” to as many people as I can throughout these first few months that I’ve been here. One of my favorite responses that I’ve heard numerous times is, “St. Mary’s just feels like home…I love being part of this community.”

Whenever Jesus called someone to follow Him, He also brought them into the community. The apostles are often referred to simply as The Twelve, a group of guys who followed Jesus together. I think our own relationship with Christ requires, in addition to that weekly celebration of Mass with the whole church of believers, a smaller group or community with which to grow. If those first disciples needed it, so do we! As I’m slowly finding out about St. Mary’s, those smaller communities are quite numerous!

Labor Day weekend marks our unofficial end to Summer and a start to a new year. So here at the start of a new year, ask Jesus about getting involved in some smaller community within the parish family. Be careful though, part of our walk with Christ is becoming good stewards of our time, so don’t look to be a part of every community!

Perhaps Jesus is inviting you to spend time going deeper into your faith with an adult education series; or maybe He is longing for you to choose a book or CD from our Stewardship Corner for your enlightenment and enrichment. Most assuredly He wants you to help you pass on the faith to your children by enrolling them in PREP. Possibly He wants you to enter a community of men pursuing the Gospel together with That Man Is You. Undoubtedly He wants you to help your teen make, what for me was one of the best decisions of my life, the decision to join our Youth Group. Maybe God is challenging you to enter into the works of charity by helping out at our Friday night dinners.

Our Time and Talent book is up on the website. Click on the New Parishioners button on the home page. Pray through it; with whom is God asking you to draw closer to Him this year?

In keeping with learning about our faith, beginning next weekend this column will be devoted to learning about different facets and heroes of our faith.

May this new year be a blessed time for all of us on our pilgrim journey with Christ!

In the Immaculata,

Rev. Brian Wayne