Weekly Message

Rev. Leo M. Goodman III Pastor

Rev. Leo M. Goodman III

July 24, 2016

My dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

Jesus teaches us, His disciples, this weekend to persist in prayer, as Abraham persisted in begging God’s mercy for the innocent of Sodom and Gomorrah. In fact, for the sake of one just Man, Jesus, the Father spared all of humanity from destruction “obliterating the bond against us,” as St. Paul says in this week’s Epistle. At this Eucharist, we are invited to pray in thanksgiving in the presence of angels, hallowing His name with the psalmist, for we have been spared, visited in our affliction and saved from our enemies.

With confidence we ask, knowing that we will receive, that He will bring to completion what He has begun in us, raising us from the dead and bringing us to everlasting life along with Him. Humbly knowing that we are “but dust and ashes,” we still speak boldly to our Lord with trust in His love for us, for God is our Father, and we are His sons and daughters! So let us persist in our prayers. Our mission demands it.

Picture3I want to thank Fr. Anthony Nyari for being our missionary preacher last weekend. The priest that I mentioned in last weekend’s bulletin was held up due to visa problems. Fr. Anthony kindly stepped in.

Our 2nd Annual Camping/Kayaking Trip to Gifford Pinchot State Park was a huge success! Already we are Picture1looking to secure more sites so that a greater number of us can participate and be together at the tip of Loop A of the campground. Details will be coming soon for next year’s great adventure. Filled with peace, I thank God for the beauty of creation and the blessed fellowship we share.

To all those who volunteered for our Vacation Bible School, thank you so much! Once again, this faith filled, high energy and outrageously fun yearly event was a huge success. Thank you Laurie Weitzel and your army of helpers, including adults and teens alike. May God bless you all for your sacrifices!

Catechism Question of the Week: True or False? The Catechism teaches that the precept of detachment from riches is obligatory for entrance into the Kingdom of heaven. (see CCC 2544)

With family, friends and those you meet, please discuss the following Question of the Week: How do my possessions help and/or impede my spiritual journey?

In Christ’s Peace,

Fr. Leo
Rev. Leo M. Goodman III