Weekly Message

Rev. Leo M. Goodman III Pastor

Rev. Leo M. Goodman III Pastor

April 21, 2019

My dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

Happy Easter!!! On this glorious weekend we celebrate the fulfilment of the ancient promises spoken of by the prophets. Today, Love incarnate triumphs in the resurrection of Christ, the eternal Son of God. And we, who believe in Him, rise with Him to eternal life, for to be in communion with Him is to share in His victory over sin and death!

While not Peter’s first sermon after the resurrection, this Easter Sunday morning we are given Peter’s first sermon to the Gentiles, and it’s packed! In seven short verses Peter proclaims our faith in the risen Christ and why we should believe in Him. He begins by reminding us that Jesus was anointed by the Holy Spirit with power and that He went about “doing good and healing all those oppressed by the devil.” He reminds us that they witnessed these things, and that while Jesus was put to death, on the third day, “He rose from the dead!” And although not all saw Him, they were among the witnesses chosen by God not only to see Him but to eat and drink with Him. They were commissioned to preach and testify that He was the One appointed by the Father to judge the living and the dead. Peter wraps up his sermon by reminding us that all the prophets bear witness to Him and that “everyone who believes in Him will receive forgiveness of sins through His name.”

Remember this simple and powerful sermon in Acts 10:37-43, and you have the perfect outline of the Good News to share with others. Add your own story of what Christ has done in your life in setting you free, and you have the honey that will draw others to a relationship with Him. Speak of your experience of the sacraments, and in particular of your relationship with the Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity of Christ in the Eucharist, and you will lead others into the Church that He instituted and to the path that leads to eternal life! Meditate on these truths of our salvation, practice expressing them, and you too will be able to share the Good News!

My heart overflows with gratitude to all those who made our Lenten and these Easter Liturgies so beautiful! Thank you! To Deacon Josh Weaver for his ministry to us and for his friendship we are so grateful! May God continue the great work He has begun in us! Happy Easter! 

Catechism Question of the Week: Jesus’ real, authentic and risen body possesses new properties. Is the following statement true or false? In Jesus’ risen body He can appear as He wishes in disguises or in forms familiar to His disciples; He can also appear where and when He wants and is not limited by space and time.  (see CCC 645-646) 

With family, friends and those you meet, please discuss the following Question of the Week: Thomas addressed the risen Lord as “My Lord and my God!” What are my favorite ways of addressing God and why? 

In Christ’s Peace,

Fr. Leo

Rev. Leo M. Goodman III