St. Mary’s: Our Enduring Legacy

Legacy Project




The next stage of Our Enduring Legacy Project kicks off!

Thanks to God and your goodness, we’re moving forward. With the help of numerous parishioners and a few friends of St. Mary’s, we raised enough funds to move ahead with the next phase. Just as a reminder, your priorities when we put together our master plan were: (1) Accessibility to the church, bathrooms and convent. (2) Hospitality, a social space for parishioners, visitors and pilgrims. (3) Education space for adults and our children. We also committed ourselves to not spending what we didn’t have. In the first phase we were able to provide accessibility to the church and convent but didn’t really take care of our need for accessible restrooms. This next phase will provide them, as well as the second tier items listed above as Hospitality, a social space for parishioners, visitors and pilgrims. While it doesn’t include the new banquet hall, it does provide a great gathering space, an elevator to get people to the gym/auditorium and cafeteria, a new nursery, a place to display our archives and numerous necessary infrastructure improvements that will help us move forward with future phases. It’ll be great!



Drawings – Phase Two

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Your input and feedback is vital. There are several ways to communicate your thoughts, suggestions, comments:

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 Development and Preservation Committee Members

  • Rev. Leo M. Goodman III, Pastor
  • Kevin Molloy, Chair
  • Matt Bono
  • Jackie Burch
  • Joe Clupp
  • Tina Skubon
  • Dawn Stratchko
  • Mike Willcox


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