St. Mary’s: Our Enduring Legacy

Legacy Project




St. Mary’s is a special place to us all — a beautifully historic church, a vibrant faith community, a unique legacy blessed by many great gifts – including our spiritual bond with Rome as an official pilgrim site.  Preserving God’s gifts and caring for our physical facility is one of our most visible and enduring acts of stewardship, as is fulfilling Christ’s mission to welcome and serve others.

  • Beginning with a Diocesan mandate, we were urged to address issues of accessibility to our church and other facilities.
  • Ministries and parishioners provided considerable input about such needs and priorities.
  • With the help of hired professionals many different ideas and designs were prayerfully considered, developed and explored over time.  The process of due diligence with this project also confirmed several realities — the architectural limitations, historical complexities, and required levels of approval needed to make any improvements within our landlocked property.
  • First shared this spring, these design plans not only address improved access to the church and convent, but renovations to the convent and school including expanded meeting rooms, a larger social hall/gathering space, and much-needed ADA-compliant restrooms.
  • Pending Diocese approvals and the project’s total anticipated costs, we have looked at completing the work in phases, committing only to building what we can afford.
  • Having accessibility for all, and the ability to retain and attract parishioners of all ages and stages of life is truly what makes us the “Family of St. Mary’s.”
  • We have inherited and been entrusted with a priceless treasure, and so have an obligation to preserve and develop it — not just for us and this time now, but for those who follow — as generations did before us.

May we joyfully respond to God’s call to further his kingdom here on earth, making His house a welcoming and inclusive place for all who come seeking His mercy and love!



We are in the process of downloading ten exterior and interior images. Until that occurs, please click here to open up a document with all of the images.

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Your input and feedback is vital. There are several ways to communicate your thoughts, suggestions, comments:

  • Email the Development and Preservation Committee
  • Call the rectory office to leave a message, 392.2578 ext. 101
  • Put a note in the suggestion box in the back of the church
  • Contact any member of the Committee

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 Development and Preservation Committee Members

  • Rev. Leo M. Goodman III, Pastor
  • Kevin Molloy, Chair
  • Tom Beeman
  • Matt Bono
  • Jackie Burch
  • Joe Clupp
  • Ben DiCarlo
  • Tina Skubon
  • Dawn Stratchko
  • Terry Warco
  • Mike Willcox
  • Joel Young

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  Capital Campaign Feasibility Study Report 07.15.13 

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