St. Mary’s: Our Enduring Legacy

Legacy Project




Anticipating Phase II of our Legacy Project

Our Development and Preservation Committee, architects, engineers and construction company have been working on Phase Two, putting together a plan for the next step that makes sense. Let’s review the big picture and then look at what we can do next.

Our Enduring Legacy master plan proposed several phases of campus-wide improvements for present and future generations. Our priorities of this phased approach and related capital campaign were: (1) Accessibility to the church, bathrooms and convent. (2) Hospitality, a social space for parishioners, visitors and pilgrims. (3) Education space for adults and our children.

Throughout, our architects and engineers have been key to helping us determine next steps by realistically “costing out” and prioritizing remaining work, while staying committed to only building what we can afford. Having successfully achieved accessibility to the church and convent on budget, the next phase will focus on a hospitality suite and expanded bathroom facilities.

To be sure, work in this area of the convent will require addressing important and necessary infrastructure upgrades to be code compliant. This includes starting to replace aging and deficient plumbing, heating, cooling and electrical components. As such, the original scope and phasing of the project has been revisited and re-evaluated, consistent with anticipated costs and realities of our financing in order to properly and responsibly sequence our next steps.

Consequently, the next phase is anticipated to focus on the first floor of the convent where accessible bathrooms, a new hospitality area and an elevator will be located. Consistent with our original mission and goals, these are the next priorities we can financially, functionally and structurally achieve which will have an immediate impact on our parish family and community.


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Your input and feedback is vital. There are several ways to communicate your thoughts, suggestions, comments:

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 Development and Preservation Committee Members

  • Rev. Leo M. Goodman III, Pastor
  • Kevin Molloy, Chair
  • Matt Bono
  • Jackie Burch
  • Joe Clupp
  • Ben DiCarlo
  • Tina Skubon
  • Dawn Stratchko
  • Mike Willcox
  • Joel Young

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  Capital Campaign Feasibility Study Report 07.15.13 

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