A cry from deep within our being, music is a way for God to lead us to the realm of higher things. As St. Augustine says, “Singing is for the one who loves.” Music is therefore asign of God’s love for us and of our love for him. In this sense, it is very personal. But unless music sounds, it is not music, and whenever it sounds, it is accessible to others. By its very nature song has both an individual and a communal dimension. Thus, it is no wonder that singing together in church expresses so well the sacramental presence of God to his people.
Sing To The Lord

Stephanie Sands, Director of Music, coordinates this ministry and provides leadership for all music during our liturgies. Included are:

  • Cantors
  • Musicians
  • Instrument Ensemble
  • Praise and Worship group Sound Doctrine
  • Choir
  • Youth Choir
  • Funeral Choir

Our organist is Mike Bitts, who is also our pianist/musician.

There are three choirs:

  1. Adult Choir – led by Stephanie Sands
  2. Youth Choir – led by Kristin Young
  3. Funeral Choir – led by Mike Bitts

The St. Mary’s Instrumental Ensemble is an ever-expanding group of dedicated musicians that accompanies one Mass per month and is led by Don Peris.

“Stephanie Zimmerman coordinates the Praise and Worship service, which includes Eucharistic Adoration, Confessions, and contemporary Christian praise music, on the second Sunday of every month at 6:00 p.m in the church.”  

All cantors are members of St. Mary’s and must audition. Coordinated by Stephanie Sands, the cantors receive special and ongoing training in the spirituality of their ministry.