Video Broadcast

Each week, St. Mary’s broadcasts our 11:00 Sunday Mass to the greater Lancaster community.¬† Through the kind and generous support and underwriting of the Knights of Columbus, Local Council 867, we are now broadcasting on Channel 66 every Sunday at 5PM.

Additionally, our 11:00 Mass is streamed each week live on our website.

DVDs of each week’s 11:00 Mass are hand delivered to area nursing homes for re-broadcast.

Each week’s sermon is posted on our website, YouTube and our Facebook page.

While many of our homebound are already viewing Mass on TV from other sources, we see this weekly broadcast as a way to restore a local connection to Lancaster Catholics that may be unable to attend Mass, and who feel separated from the traditional community due to age, disability, or other legitimate reasons. We also hope that non-Catholic Lancastrians who experience the sights and sounds of our sacred Liturgy may feel drawn to the Church and, therefore, we also see this as an Evangelical mission. If you are interested in serving in this ministry, please contact Don Peris.