The stewardship committee, in cooperation with God’s grace, is committed to learning about stewardship and bringing the message of grateful caretaking to the people of St. Mary’s.

All is Gift

Each time that we receive the Eucharist, we are reminded that Jesus has given us the Gift of eternal life through His suffering and death. He has given this Gift and many others, and our initial response should be one of thankfulness. This ultimately should lead to the recognition of our complete dependence on the Lord. It is not through our own actions but through His that we receive.

Our posture in receiving the Eucharist should remind us that we are receivers, not initiators, of the Gift. When we approach the Eucharist with out stretched hands, we are open to receiving His gift. We allow God tobe God in our openness to receiving the Gift and not grasping.

Our gifts are given so we can share with others of the Body of Christ. Our time, talents, and treasures are given, not simply for our benefit, but for us to serve each other. We are called, in turn, to reach out our hands and offer those gifts to others of the Body of Christ in our own unique ways. As we allow Christ to act through us, to transform us in service to others, we will be followers of Christ’s commandment – to love one another as I have loved you. We are called to serve, not be served.

Many times we don’t always recognize our own giftedness and abilities; perhaps even our disabilities are truly the gifts we are given to share. Prayerfully consider what special gifts you have that need to be shared with the Body of Christ. Each of us has our own individual talents and abilities. How is the Spirit calling you to use your time, talent, and treasure to bring about the Kingdom of God in this church and community?

If you feel impelled to use your gifts in any of the ministries at St Mary’s, please contact a member of the stewardship committee. A listing of the current ministries can be found here.

For more information, contact members of the Stewardship Committee: