Parish Pastoral Council

The roles of the Parish Pastoral Council:

  • to focus on the Church’s mission, in particular evangelization and spiritual renewal.
  • to support the parish/diocese relationship.
  • to share responsibility for life and welfare of parish in union with the pastor.
  • to advance pastoral mission.
  • to seek and draw forth talents, energies and insights of parishioners.


Requirements to be a member:

  • practicing Catholic in good standing.
  • parishioner of St. Mary’s Church.
  • a willingness to grow in knowledge of faith.
  • be able to work with others in spirit of openness and trust.
  • accept role of service to people of God.
  • uphold teaching of the Church and norms established by diocese and council.



  • Fr. Olkowski
  • Joe Clupp
  • Don Peris
  • Derek Novak
  • Cheryl Mills
  • Kathy SetlockRick Camden
  • Phil Neff
  • Rick Kiefer
  • Amy Soper
  • John Spiziri
  • Joel Young
  • Mary Lynn Devine
  • Susanne Scott
  • Ray Bleistine
  • Rebecca Zuber


Usually the first Thursday of the month at 7:00 p.m. in the Marian Library, except for summer months.