1.  Parish Directory Coordinator

It’s time for a new parish directory! Parishioner and ministry photos will be taken this summer. The steps to coordinate the directory are all outlined by the company we choose to work with. Love of people and good organizational skills are all one needs to be successful! Co-coordinators are welcomed!

Contact: Tina Skubon, 392.2578 or tina@stmaryslancaster.org

2.  Cleaning Mission

A. Nina Eshleman w/ the St. Mary’s Dusting Crew is looking for some permanent help with our monthly duties. Specifically, they need someone who would be able to dust the window ledges, heat radiators, and wainscoting around the walls. This would take about 20 mins once a month.

B. Nina is also looking for people, families included, to help tidy up after the Christmas Eve Masses and maybe Christmas Day after the 8:30 Mass. It would be picking up trash in between the pews, checking the bathrooms for needed t.p. and p.t’s and emptying the trash bags, and a light runner cleaning with the cleaner. I would be able to meet with the volunteers before Christmas to show them where the supplies are kept, and how to refill the paper dispensers, etc.

Contact: Nina Eshleman – jaynina@comcast.net 

3.  Funeral Choir

We are called to Comfort the Sorrowful. One of the ways we do that here at St. Mary’s is to have our funeral choir, the Assumption Choir, sing at the Masses of Christian Burial. Our numbers have recently dwindled and we are looking for people who would like to join this singing ministry. Most funerals are at 10:00 am. Someone would call you a few days before the Mass.

If you are interested, please call the parish office at 392.2578

4.  EWTN Ministry

They are looking for someone to update/verify the EWTN rep list. This would entail contacting each parish rep to confirm their information.

Contact: Karen Morisette – k.cassidy1@comcast.net

5. Community Meal

We need volunteers to help prep the meals beforehand, help serve and/or then help to clean up. St. Mary’s serves the third Friday of every even numbered months.

Contact: Bill Moody –  whmoody@comcast.net

6.  Youth Ministry 

Contact Cathy Eisenbeil – 717.209.1626 or cathy@stmaryslancaster.org

7.  Hospitality
The hospitality ministry is in need of 2 sets of “2 volunteers” to help with opening. We need people to set up table and chairs, set up coffee stations, cut donuts, bagels and put on trays, attend Mass, and then go back to the cafeteria at 9:30 to oversee things, toy up table after everyone leaves, do more prep etc to be used after the 11am Mass.
Volunteers should understand they are committing their morning to serve once every five to six weeks
from 7:00a.m.- 11:15a.m. (includes 8:30am Mass)