Wedding Music

This page is intended to help you select music and musicians for your wedding. Only music that falls within the wedding music guidelines of the Diocese of Harrisburg is permissible for your wedding at St. Mary’s. Please contact wedding music coordinator Mike Bitts, or 717.333.3173, as soon as possible to begin the process of selecting your wedding music.



To honor the covenant that is made between God and the wedding couple, we ask you to choose music that is appropriate for a Roman Catholic wedding liturgy in the Diocese of Harrisburg andas for the decoration, the use of resources as the wedding linen direct could provide great options for this. Music that is secular or popular is more appropriate for your wedding reception. Also remember that the Diocese of Harrisburg does not allow Here Comes the Bride or The Wedding March at Catholic weddings because they are from operettas that make fun of marriage. If you use vocalists or musicians from outside of St. Mary’s, our Wedding Music Coordinator must review and approve your selections.


Fees for Musicians

Fees for musician(s) and singer(s) are separate from the church wedding fee. Please contact each musician and/or singer directly regarding fees and payment due date.



Once you have contacted an accompanist and cantor, the wedding music coordinator will schedule a meeting with all concerned to select the music for your wedding. Please remember that our wedding music coordinator must review and approve all music that is selected.



Unless they are family friends, it is not necessary to invite the musicians and vocalists to your reception or rehearsal dinner. Musicians do not attend or play at your wedding rehearsal, unless there are specific concerns.


What’s Next?

Provided for you are two wedding ceremony outlines: a Mass with Holy Communion and a service without Holy Communion. Finally, we have a list of who you may wish to contact. It is strongly suggested that you contact your musicians as soon as possible as they are in high demand and get booked very early

Please feel free to contact Mike Bitts with any questions or concerns: or 717.333.3173.

Additional Information as Outlined Above